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Environmental policy

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MSH Mallorca Senses Hotels, aware of its responsibility to protect the environment, focus all its actions to integrate its social and environmental intervention in the whole processes of its activity, developing them within a framework of respect and protection of the environment. Our hotels seek not only the maximum level of customer satisfaction, but there is a strong commitment to act responsibly.

The importance given to environmental protection is reflected in our Environmental Policy, the principles of which are as follows:

• Raise awareness and train our staff in the culture of safety, health and environmental care.

• To make our customers and employees aware of the importance of understanding and participating in this culture.

• Continuous improvement of the production chain by seeking out environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

• Continuous improvement in infrastructures to reduce energy consumption, optimise the integral water management, reducing consumption, preventing pollution, properly managing water waste and promoting its reuse.

• Create plan actions to prevent and adequately control ground soil, water and air pollution.

• Participate and/or collaborate in enviromental programs or other actions to protect and conserve local biodiversity where we carry out our activity.

• To be strict in act according the regulations for environmental protection and adopting the necessary measures to avoid damage to the environment that could be caused by operating our activities, reducing them or, where appropriate, minimising them.

• Searching for areas of opportunity in each and every of the processes, seeking to maintain energy and operational efficiency and the appropriate treatment of resources.

Ecology is integrated into business management, encouraging continuous collaboration and dialogue, promoting the alignment and integration of human resources in the company's commitment to care about environmental policy.

MSH Mallorca Senses Hotels is aware of the capital importance of taking care of the environment and require to preserve the surroundings and natural resources, and is committed to its clients, its staff and society in terms of respect for the environment and progressive improvement of the environmental matters.